Phoenix ePACS & vPACS Suite

Powerful tools for your practice's imaging needs

With over 20 years of imaging experience in Ultrasound, MIET Healthcare is proud to offer its PACS Suite to all varieties of imaging centers. From Ultrasound and Mammography to X-Ray, the Phoenix PACS Suite is a capable and affordable storage and retrieval solution for your practice’s DICOM needs


Low cost of entry and ROI makes the decision to move to PACS a simple one. Lossless compression technology reduces storage requirements and the cost of ownership over time.


Recieve and store images from an array of DICOM modalities. Store from 1 device, or simultaneously from many without any performance degradation.


 The Phoenix PACS can grow with your needs. Whether expanding your storage or converting to our new vPACS cloud platform, our PACS solution will never be obsolete.

Key Features

  • DICOM Worklist and Image Store
  • Integrated scheduling software
  • Easy-to-use DICOM Image viewer
  • Leverage existing server & storage  equipment
  • vPACS cloud platform option for greater flexibility
  • Optional cloud backup for HIPAA compliance